Validation in dataView when switching between objects in a listView

Hello, We are stuck with following problem: On a page we use a listView widget and a dataView that listens to the listView. We modeled it like the ux example on -> Page Templates -> Users and info (under Master Detail). We want to validate the input fields (with required), but we see that the validation doesn't trigger in the dataView when we switch between the objects in the listView. We can't find a (clean) way to trigger the validations so we wonder if this is a bug, that we missed something, or that we need to find another way to display our users if we want to validate the input fields.
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The validation message applies to obj1/att, but once you switch objects the text box is showing you obj2/att. Obviously, it would be weird if the text box showed you a validation message for an entirely different object, so it doesn't. Object switching also does not 'count' as a save event, so the validation will not prevent you from triggering an object switch, it will wait for an actual commit before doing so.

Generally transactions that require validation are best modeled with a clear save flow to prevent exactly this problem. You probably want a clear save button in such cases, like in a separate data view or pop-up.