Setup/Connect PWA to iphone

Hello guys,  Please I'm trying to connect Progressive Web App (PWA) to my iPhone. I've made the app built on Mendix, a PWA.   I also have tried connecting via this also. I've gone through the Mendix documentation on how both the app and my phone should be connected to the same network.     I've installed the Make it Native 9 app on my iphone also, however, I'm having this error, guess something is wrong.   Please can anyone help with how to connect my PWA app to my iphone so I can test it out there also. I'll really appreciate the help.
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Hi Damilola,


You don't need Make It Native for this, that's for native mobile apps.


When scanning the QR code with your phone (camera or qr scanner app), as long as phone + laptop are on the same network, this should just open the app on your iPhone AFAIK... This also works when you haven't published your app as PWA, by the way. You might have already read that if you really want to test the PWA capabilities of your app, you need to deploy to the cloud, access the link on your phone, and then add the app to your homescreen via the browser options. This because only after cloud deployment, your app registers the service worker which is one of the things that make your app a PWA.


So if you just want to view your app on your iPhone, you should be  able to do that. If you want to test PWA capabilities specifically, it looks you need to deploy to the cloud.


Also take note of how in the screenshot elsewhere in the documentation there are some tabs ("View mobile app - View Web App/PWA") that I don't see in the screenshot you provided. Whether this actually matters I unfortunately don't know... 


I hope you can solve your problem! 


Thanks to @Bob's suggestions above, I was able to figure out somethings I was doing wrong.


First was to create the phone web, select the default home page and also select the role-based home page, then ensure both my laptop and iphone were connected to the same network (wifi, as I was thinking network was one IP or complex thing, lol).

Then run the phone web locally and click on view on your device, scan the code using my iphone camera and click on the url that showed up.


I was taken to the app page on my safari web and add it as a PWA on my phone.


Cheers and thank you once again Bob!