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I have a problem when generating a PDD, on the first sheet I put an image and a header, within the first page I have a gallery with many images, since they do not fit on the first page, the images continue on the next page already until all the images are completed, the detail is that I cannot control the next sheet and the next and the next, I cannot place the same header. How can I make a header appear by default in all the sheets that are created?  
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Hello Christian,

If you're using document template for PDF generation you need to enable header in properties tab and place the image inside that, I have attached the image below for enabling Header.



Hi Christhian,


If you know how many images fit per page you could render the header multiple times or you can try to use the example from: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/how-to-print-header-and-footer-on-every-printed-page-of-a-document-in-css/ I have not tried this myself on the PDF doc generator from Mendix, but as it tries to essentially print an HTML page I expect it to work.