Input text box is not Editable

In my mendix application, I have a domain model where Material is related to material cost object with one to many association and Material cost is associated with Purchase order by one to one association. There are many calculated attributes in Material cost entity . Material & Purchase orders will be imported in the form of excel file.       The following pictures signify the process flow of the application In this tab All the calculations would be done. I am able to edit certain details for example OBS and STTE value for all the imported line items of materials by clicking on the particular row. But for the Manually added material, those fields are not editable.   Studio pro view of the page.   Could anyone kindly suggest a way to resolve this issue?   Thanks in Advance
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What about the Material Master Reference page. First things that come to mind is conditional editability on the page or something in the access rules of your Material Cost entity where an xpath constraint prevents the user to edit certain fields in specific conditions?