Visibility of field

I have a field that becomes visible once a box is checked and it should disappear when a different field (enum) is changed, i know that the condition can currently only be based on one attribute (either boolean or enum) But can anyone think of a work around for the this scenario? I could instead be showing a message to the user before leaving the form or when opening it. However it would be better to have this warning static on the form itself.
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Maybe you could create a new table in that table row and add rows to that table, so you get a nested structure. Then you can set conditional visibility on the top level row and another on the nested row. Depending on which conditions are possible for you, you may have to add the field multiple times in different nested structures.

I don't know what structure you need, but here's an example:

2 rows on the top level table, 1 is visible and 1 is not visible with the boolean being true. Then nested in those rows are tables, each with another row, 1 is visible for 1 enum value and the other isn't.