How to Download Created Packages

Hi,   I have created an Application on Mendix , Commited and Publish it on free Mendix cloud. I have a doubt that I don't have backup of app, so how we can download backup from Mendix Cloud of an app.    
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Hi Abhishek Chattar,

To download a backup of your Mendix app from the Mendix Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Backup:

    • Go to the Mendix Cloud Developer Portal.
    • Navigate to Backups > Production.
    • Click on Create Backup. Mendix will create a snapshot of your data.
  2. Download the Backup:

Furthermore, if you’re utilizing the free version of Mendix to publish your application, any changes you commit are stored on the team server. As a result, you can access your app from any system using the login account associated with the application. To download it, simply retrieve it from the team server via Mendix Studio Pro.

Happy Mendix Development!.


Hi Sagi V K A V D Prasad Varma ,


I'm not getting that option in Backups in Mendix Cloud Developer Portal.

As I'm using Free version of Mendix.


Is there any other way to get the data.



Hi Abhishek , 


There is no option to get data for Free apps