Successful Execution with Debug, But Fails Without Debugging

Hi everyone,     I have been using Mendix version 8.6.4 and have encountered a recurring issue. When attempting to execute certain actions from the application side, they fail to complete successfully. However, when I debug the microflow, all actions execute successfully and function correctly. The issue only arises during regular execution without debugging.   For example, when attempting to validate something within a microflow, the validation doesn't work properly until I set a breakpoint and debug the microflow to execute the validation step.   I'm wondering if this issue could be related to the version of Mendix I'm using (version 8.6.4). Could anyone advise me on whether there are known issues or fixes specific to this version that could be causing these problems?"
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Hi Saja,


Can you try to make microflow as async.


You microflow is getting more time to execute and in between that timeout is happening.




Use the above setting, it may help you to resolve your issue.