Template for Thought of The Day App

Hello,   I am new to the world of Mendix and am working on my first App - a simple "Thought of The Day" App which will show a thought or a quote each day.   There should be a repository of thoughts which should be polled to show a random quote each day. At times the quote could be fixed for a specific day (depending on occasion, for example, New Year day).   Users/subscribers should be able to like, share and comment on the quote.    Is there a template to build this kind of app? Any useful tips on how to go about this?    
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Hello Kaustubh Agashe,


Maybe this is a template you could use:


News and Content Template



Still you need to make your own adjustments.

You definitely are going to need some administration of the quotes and also you need to find a way to prevent the application of using the same quote multiple times in a few days, so think about how you set up the quote entity. 


Hope this helps,


Good luck!