Migrate existing application of dot net to the mendix

Hii, I want to migrate existing application which is developed in dot net to the Mendix , is there any module available to directly migrate whole existing .net application to mendix ?   if it is available then it can consume the time of New development in mendix.
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Hi Harsh,

I don't think it possible since Mendix is Java based application, everything that you creating in Mendix it's compiled to Java code. But migrate your data to mendix it's should be fairly easy since Mendix provide module for that.

Best regards, Slavko


Hey Harsh! 

There is no direct module or tool available that can automatically migrate an entire .NET application to Mendix. This is primarily due to the differences in how the two platforms operate and their underlying architectures.

While there isn't a direct one-click migration tool for .NET to Mendix, the Mendix Marketplace offers several modules that can assist with various aspects of the migration process.


For the data migration you can use Database Connector, Excel Importer.

To migrate the custom functionality you can create custom Java actions or widgets



Hope this helps!