Task queue - Application will not start up after Java heap error on microflow with Task Queue

Hello all, I am currently facing a very complex task that can only be tested in the Acceptance environment. The functionality involves retrieving a huge list and performing numerous task queue processes within a microflow. Since I am still developing the functionality, I expecting the application to break at sometimes. However, what I am not in favor of is when the application runs out of Java heap, it restarts but fails to terminate TaskQueue processes that are not finished (still in status running). As a result, it keeps running out of Java heap due to repeated attempts to process those tasks. Is there any possibility to terminate a TaskQueue task in a more elegant manner, rather than searching for a specific TaskQueue object and deleting it in a Before shutdown microflow? What currently i need to do, delete TaskQueue process in Modeler and redeploy application. Application is running on-premises. Best regards, Slavko
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Hi Slavoko,


If your problem is hit because of memory usage keep increasing due to Task queue keep trying(in success case does not have memory problem), then maybe you can set up error handling for microflow, in term of validation and prevent run time error, so your microflow will end properly.


this documentation should help you: