How does the new folder structure for files work

Since the 2.5.1 version of the modeler, the structure of how the files are stored has been changed. I would like to know how this new structure works. For example: When are extra folders created Is there a limit to the number of files in a folder How is determined in which folder files must be stored How are the names of a folder determined Is there a maximum depth for the folder structure
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I assume you're refering to FileDocument storage?

Uploaded files are put in subdirectories for performance reasons (1000 per folder). When huge amounts of uploaded files exist in the same directory, browsing, making backups etc. gets sloppy.

Example: for document with object store id 13456, the file document path will be "deployment/data/files/013/13456" (subdirectory names are prefixed with a zero as they otherwise conflict with "older" (pre 2.5.1) uploaded files when using mkdirs()).