Any workaround to make a field in template grid editable

This has been an issue in the past, and I haven't been able to find whether a solution has been implemented so far or not. Use case is as follows: The page is a product page, on the page i show a list of colors (this is currently a template grid but could be converted to a list without any problems). On each of the color rows of the template grid there is another template grid showing the available sizes. For each size there is a field ''Quantity'' that the end user has to enter. The sizes should be shown from left to right, and i can't use a list view for this. Is there anyway to make this ''quantity'' field editable? Or any other workaround such that my end user can still enter the information. Example Page (This shows only 1 color, but usually there are more). Ideally we would like to tab through each of these ''0'' fields.
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I have accomplished something like this using List View for the quantity fields - you could use css float: left; on each entry field and the fields should all appear on one line provided the browser window is wide enough. The only tricky part about doing it this way is that if the browser is resized and made too small for all 8 quantity fields to fit, the leftover fields will wrap to the next line. I have used a series of classes like this to accomplish an editable spreadsheet like page:

.cell-75 {
float: left; 
margin-right: 10px; 
width: 75px; 
text-align: left;}

Here is an example of how this looks in an app - this is an editable List View grid:

alt text

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Dear Niels,

I've solved this problem by using the form loader widget. If you need any help, please let me know!

Cheers, Richard


You might consider the list view. Nothing you are building seems to absolutely require a template grid, so replacing it should be a simple copy-paste job.

Unlike the template grid the list view has an editable setting, which means that list view cells are essentially data views. Please note that making the list view editable does come with several restrictions which you should probably check out in the documentation before trying this out.