6.4 Upgade - No constructor found for widget mxui.widget.VerticalScrollContainer

After upgrading our platform to 6.4 we had no issues viewing the application locally - either from the admin side or user view. Now after deployment to our server we are getting the following error: No constructor found for widget mxui.widget.VerticalScrollContainer We have tried the following: Clearing the local browser cache deleting the widgets from the widget folder of the application on the server All widgets pass the check widgets tool Redeploying application. Any help is appreciated.
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I was able to locate the issue with assistance from Mendix. What we found was a configuration setting within IIS was causing the problem. The mxclientsystem configured in IIS was pointed to a wrong version of the mdoeler which was creating the issue. The issue was corrected byt changing the following:

  1. Open IIS
  2. sites
  3. Application Name
  4. mxclientsystem
  5. Basic Settings
  6. Update to D:\Program Files\ErieInsurance\WebApps\Servers\6.4.0\runtime\mxclientsystem

Once this setting was changed the application runs as expected


mxui.widget.VerticalScrollContainer is a built-in widget of the Mendix client so this issue is not caused by custom widgets.

What do you see in the network tab of the developers tools of your browser when you navigate to your app? One of the request should be for the Mendix client system (mxui.js). Does that request succeed and result in a response of 200-something kilobytes? Do you see error messages in the Console tab?