Connection Issue with Mendix Runtime on Mobile App

Hi Mendix Community, I'm facing a connection issue when trying to connect my Mendix mobile app to the runtime. The error message states: "We've encountered a connection issue Mendix runtime is not running at: http://[local-IP]:8080/ Please try followings Check that port 8080 is accessible Check that native profile is used Verify that Metro is running (You might need to restart Windows)" I've ensured that my phone and computer are on the same network. The runtime port settings are as follows: Application root URL: http://localhost:8080/ Runtime port: 8080 Admin port: 8090 Other settings are at default. Despite these settings, the issue persists. A colleague mentioned that not all phones might support the application and suggested trying a lower version of the app, which I haven't tried yet. Has anyone faced a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance!
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Hello Abishekk Ramesh,


If you run on a company laptop most of the time it is the firewall that prevents you from reaching your localhost port, this is the main issue that I encountered.

So check if you port is accessible from outside.

Things you could use otherwise to overcome this problem is to use ngrok or tunnelmole to open a port with a reverse proxy.


Hope this helps,


Good luck!