How to make Paused WorkflowUserTask visible for my Users ? Problem with System.WorkflowUserTask access rules

I've been developping with the Free version for a while and I just upgraded to Basic allowing production environment and entity access.   Before upgrading I made a Microflow that retrieve all the UserTasks for the currentUser, one specification was that even if the workflow is paused the TargetUsers should still be able to see it in their TaskInbox   Since the upgrade, each of my paused Workflow displays as an empty line, so the object is there but due to the following access rule in System.WorkflowUserTask :   [State = 'InProgress' and (System.WorkflowUserTask_TargetUsers = '[%CurrentUser%]' or System.WorkflowUserTask_Assignees = '[%CurrentUser%]') and System.WorkflowUserTask_Workflow/System.Workflow[State != 'Incompatible' and State != 'Failed']]   It prevents the user from seeing Paused ones. I would usually just add "or State='Paused'" but I can't modify System   Does anyone know a way around ? Cause I feel like I would have to make a whole new custom module replicating System just to have that one specification   Thank you for your time,  
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Instead of querying WorkflowUserTask, you should query WorkflowCommons.UserTaskView entity.  Annotations in the domain model of WorkflowCommons module explain the reason for this:image.png


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