How to setup View rights for EmailMessages (Email_Connector module)

I'm encountering an issue while implementing the Email_Connector module and need assistance in determining the optimal approach for granting specific user roles read access to Email Messages. Currently, the module offers only one role: EmailConnectorAdmin. The Java Action, which accepts a data object and a template as parameters, generates EmailMessage objects. However, since the Java Action creates the generalization, it doesn't allow for the usage of specialized EmailMessage objects. As I prefer not to modify the Marketplace module, I'm seeking alternative solutions: How have others successfully granted read access to EmailMessages for specific user roles? Should I contact Mendix to request the addition of a User or ReadOnly module role to the Email_Connector module?
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We used an own entity that generalized the Email_Connector.EmailMessage. Then you can put all your acces right on that entity. But yes you need to copy some flows of the connector module to use this entity. But since you can still pass the object due to the Generalization that is not that much of a problem.