unclickable on the radio button though there is no security roles appiled

Hello, I'm encountering an issue with a status attribute of enumeration type. I've created a radio button with this attribute, but even though there's no visibility condition set, the radio button remains unclickable by default. Could you please provide some guidance on how to make the radio button functional with the status attribute in Mendix?
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Hi Pragathi,

     Whether you can able to access other attributes in the object?


First thing to try is to autogenerate the overview-pages. To do so, in your domain model, right-clicking your entity that contains the enumeration attribute and select 'Generate overview pages'. Very likely you will see exactly which attributes are editable and which read-only.



What security-mode is set for your project:image.png


Your entity has access-rules providing you write-rights:image.png


These above steps will probably get you to your solution. Good luck!