How get history of the user who edited before

I want to get history of user who have previously editted the data once clicked on the button I want a page where history of the previous edited data will be visible . how to do it 
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Hi Pragathi,

    For that You need to create a History entity with Name, User Attributes and associate with the entity which you want the history and create the History object and associate with the Main Object and add the name of main object and user in the History object and commit. By using this you can find the history of user and Changes of Entity.

    Else you can use Audit trail to track the changes in Entity:



Hi pragathi,

                  Enable the changed by in system member or store the attribute Like Changed by(Store the  value $currentuser/Name) in the edit flow


I would suggest using the Audit Trail module. It has been created by Mendix specifically for this purpose. It has platform support if you have any issues with it.


If this is not suitable, there is also the Advanced Audit Trail module. This is a paid for product, but it is created by Mendix and also has platform support.


I hope this helps. Good luck!