Can Mendix beat Excel?

I’m working on an Excel file and I’m trying to get some complex counting functions to work but surprisingly it doesn’t. My question; wouldn’t it be better to use Mendix, for the case description underneath? And if yes, how to go about it? The case; An Excel sheet with 6000 contact entries from 1100 companies, every company is linked to a particular industry (8 in total). What I’m really interested in is the number of unique companies per industry? The labels”company”, “industry” and “contacts” are all in different columns I’ve tried the following: Filter on column “Company” (with the checkbox on for only unique values), output is 1100 records Secondly I tried a filter on column “Industry”, but now my first filter action is undone and the second filter action gives the industries for 6000 records.
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Such a case can easy be build with Mendix. What you need:

  • 3 metaobjects: Contact, Company, Industry
  • A form with a DataGrid widget showing all contacts and refered fields from the Company and Industry objects
  • In the DataGrid widget you can add search fields with a couple of mouse clicks, filtering on all fields of all 3 metaobjects.

Now you have a basic application which can be build in 5 minutes.

If you want more advanced filtering you can use our reporting module enabling you to define all kinds of filters, groupings, etc. The results can be presented in a Report Matrix or Graph Widget.

So yeah, Mendix can beat Excel!