Updating server model

When updating the model structure of the production server I always copy over the web and model folders - is it also necessary to do the same for the data folder - specifically the database folder? As nothing is overwritten just added. It is regarding the database-commands.sql Update: Does this also apply to updating the model to newer version - from 2.5.0rc2 to ? Just the model and web folder or are any additional actions required? I have for example noticed that the web folder contains packages (zip files) of the index.html, etc Solution: as mentioned below only model and web need to be copied - if upgrading to new version then also the Mendix folder containing runtime, server and service - see Update Mendix
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No that is not needed. The server will detect any database changes itself and generate the necessary SQL commands when starting.


yes, only the web and data folder needs to be updated. To avoid any obscurities you might want to remove those first, so old files that are not generated by the new version do not obstruct anythin.