Export to Excel - maximum number of rows

There is a new property called 'Maximum number of rows' for the Export to Excel button in a data grid. Its default value is set to 1000. What value do I need to give it to export all rows?
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The maximum number of rows you can export to Excel is 65535. If you need more, use the CSV export. This was already a constraint at runtime in previous versions, but now turned into a property of the button.


To me it just stopped at row #500 and it took me awhile to figure out how to do this even that it is extremely simple... but remember that the MaxRows property must be set/defined before data is put into the spreadsheet otherwise it has no effect.

Dim i as Long
With vaSpread1
  .MaxRows = 65535        
  For i = 1 to 15000
      .row = i
      .col = 1
      .Text = "Text to spreadsheet"
  Next i
  .ExportToExcel strPath, strSheetName, "log.txt"
End With

Please see this answer from a general point of view in VB and not from a Mendix-related point of view.

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