Snippet within a non-editable dataview still editable

An editable snippet is used at two pages. Page A is editable, Page B is never editable (I have set the caller of the page to editable=no). The snippet at page B is placed within a(n inherit) noneditable dataview, which listens to a listview. The content in the snippet is still editable, when page B is shown. I would like to use the same (editable) snippet at both pages, which needs to appear editable at page A and non-editable at page B. Can anyone help me to obtain this? Added @ 20-4-2016: this is the a dummy project in which the concept is reproduced.
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This is indeed a bug, though unrelated to snippets.

If the 'Editable' property of a list view is set to 'Yes', after which it is placed inside a non-editable data view, is does not respect the non-editable context. You can work around this by explicitly setting the 'Editable' property to 'No'. (You will have make the surrounding data view editable first to be able to change this property.)

This issue will be fixed in version 6.5.0.


I have checked the model and this is a bug in my opinion. File a support ticket on and attach the same model to the ticket. Mention also this forum post and the steps on how to reproduce it (in this case very simpel).