Treeview widget: Button images not showing

I am using the treeview widget in one of my 5.21.3 projects. Basically it works fine, but I have just one issue. When I create a button in the header of the treeview and add a image to it (in tab 2) Button), it is not showing in runtime. The button is rendered and the caption is showing but simply not the image. For reference I also tried the treeview demo project in 5.21.3 and there the button image is also not showing. Same goes for version 5.15.1. Since I really need the Treeview, does anybody have any suggestions how to fix this or work around it?
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It this issue related?

You can file an issue on Github. The problem with the TreeViewAndGridView widget is that it is not actively supported, because the code is very, very old. We might look into it (if there is time), if the Community has a suggestion and/or pull request on Github regarding this issue, it is most welcome.