List View Search Placeholder Attribute?

Hello, Is there a way in the modeler to set a placeholder for a search box? In my situation, the client wants to placeholder for the search box to say "Name, City, State, Zip" as a placeholder hint for the user to input when they're searching. In HTML, you use <form> element and define the placeholder attribute, but I'm not sure if I can simply do this in the modeler. Is there a work around on this?
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Hi Eddi, Mendix does not support this for one specific search field and the place holder text for all search fields would be changed. Although you could try to put the specific text "Name, City, State, Zip" on a position relative so it is as a layer over the search field. You should also be checking this out with a responsive design and also al little bit of JS would be needed to hide the text when actually entering some search values... It is a little bit dirty, but maybe ok for you?