Authentication on webservice integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

We are facing some difficulties with the authentication of a consumed webservice from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics AX requires a username, password and domain for authentication purposes. When using the standard Call web service action in Mendix, we are only able to specify the username and password in the HTTP authentication (thus domain cannot be explicitly specified). Without specifying the domain we get the following response from the webservice: The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized Also we have tried to implement the NTLM module ( without success. (Also after reviewing the following post: My question is: - What is the best/most standard way to authenticate on a webservice from Microsoft Dynamics AX? Also suggestions on changing the configuration in Microsoft Dynamics AX are very welcome to get the authentication working!
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For a previous implementation of Mendix wich used an AX dynamics integration we worked with certificates that were loaded into the certificate storage of Mendix, and used to authenticate against Microsoft Dynamics, the AX implementation partner generated the certificates so I can't help you with that but take a look at this link for the certificate storage in Mendix


There are many services today that actually provide integration services with different e-commerce platforms such as magento, shopify and woocommerce with Microsoft Dynamics AX. One of such services that I availed for integration and which has really helped me is


HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized problem  does n't mean that server and client connection problem. 

Cross check the username and password in the HTTP authentication. Its better to reset every thing and try again with fresh logins.

I have faced the similar problem all i have done is cross checked the login credentials and reset the connection with proper order. I think this suggestion helps you. 

I have taken help of other Dynamics AX Developers sort it out.