Unable to place the validation message at the right attribute?

Hi guys, $Request 1 -- 1 $Car There is a request object and an associated car object (which is made on the fly). When I press to a confirm button I want to validate the associated (new) car object on model and year. After a validation MF (where I retrieve the new made Car object over an association and get the request as parameter), i get the validation message as popup, while it has to be shown down the $car/model attribute as text. I see that the validation message variable could be set on the request object with the association as the member. But then still i get it not at the right place down the $car/model attribute. How can
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in the validation MF you should have the Request as an input parameter. Then retrieve the car from the request. Do your validation on the car.

This is with the assumption that you have created and associated the car to the request and that it is showing on your page.

Your validation actions should look like this:

Variable: car

Member: model

Template: please enter the model

Variable: car

Member: year

Template: please enter a year