Non-stop (24x7) server thoughts

Wondering how to make a non-stop server on Windows I got this idea: Startingpoint: Server is running on port 8080 en IIS 7.0 is rewriting webrequests to this server (currently using standard IIS module ARR-Application Request Routing). Step 1: Create new mendix service (new version of the one above) running on Port 8081 and start the service, using the same database. This service has a complete directory tree for itself. Only sharing the same database. Step 2: Change the reverse proxy rule in IIS and point to 8081. Step 3: Stop the service on port 8080. Next time: switch back to 8080. Questions: Is it a feasible solution? Has somebody tried this before? Can it be done better?
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I think it is feasible, but you should be really careful that only one application is performing logic, otherwise you might end up with database dead locks easily (although that depends a bit on the kind of application and database you are using)