Production Environment - Kill Request

Hello, Questions 1) For the actions of "Running Now" that show up in the "Monitor" section in home.mendix, what does it mean if both the action and type are listed as blank? 2) Would anyone know the root causes for the following scenarios? a) The "Kill Request" option doesn't seem to work for the blank action. It will just give a warning that states "We're sorry, interrupting the request failed. This may be due to the fact that the request has already finished." If the request has already finished, why doesn't the list of actions refresh without this action? b) Also for another action of "Running Now" that lists a microflow, even if "Kill Request" works at first, upon "Refresh" the action will show up again and it seems the microflow will automatically start running again. Thanks in advance.
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I encountered the running now actions with blank content, only a user and a running time lately as well. In my case the cause was an action that led to a stackoverflow error, this seemed to stop the action but not in the monitoring. The kill action will often not kill the actions, they'll show up after a refresh. I'm not sure on what the cause for this is, but I would suggest filing a ticket with Mendix support and share the answer that you get from support.