Modeler and high dpi on Windows 10

I know a thread existed on this issue previously, but it had pretty much derailed, so I thought it was a good idea to start a new one. I have one of those fancy high dpi 4K screens and use a 200% scaling setting in Windows 10. This is my primary laptop screen. I sometimes connect an external 1080p screen, which uses 100% scaling. If I restart my laptop while it is not connected to the external display, and open the Modeler, it does not look right. Pretty much all text is unreadable as it is not correctly scaled. there is no way to fix this. Changing scaling level in Windows and changing it back does not help, signing out does not help, restarting (obv) does not help. The only way to get everything working correctly is to connect the external display, and then open the Modeler. Now everything works fine. It looks good on the external monitor (scaled at 100%), and when dragging the window to the main display, it looks good as well (scaled at 200%). I can now disconnect the external display, and everything will keep on working correctly as long as I do not restart. I know high dpi support in Windows 10 in itself is buggy, but this specific behavior I encounter with the Modeler I have not had with any other applications. Does anyone have any clue or pointers on things to try to properly fix the issue?
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As these things normally go, I just found a workaround right after starting this thread:

  • Change display scaling to 100%
  • Take off glasses and press nose against screen
  • Sign out
  • Sign back in
  • Start modeler
  • Change scaling back to 200%
  • Put glasses back on and continue working normally

I'll see if your workaround works ;-)

Other thing to check:

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I just found another work around which is much better:

This results in everything working fine as it should on my system now. Except for the Mendix Modeler, which is rendered on fhd and scaled by windows to qhd. This is obviously still not perfect, but at least it's usable.

Since my original post I have gotten convinced that in fact the Modeler is the problem, as (on my system, and I don't use any Adobe software other than Brackets) it is the only application not scaling correctly.