Using string parameter in OQL?

I have created an OQL and now want to add a string parameter so I can manually type in part of the value I'm looking for. To be specific: I have a report which I need to filter on article number, of which there are about 25,000. Using the drop-down is hardly workable. OQL allows for a 'like' comparison for string values ('ArticleNumber like $ArticleNumber'), but I can't define a string parameter. If I could get my construct to work in a data grid, I would, but I need data over a many-to-many relation which I need to show as separate rows. I can't tell the data grid to show multiple values as separate rows (at least I haven't been able to find that option). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Using string parameters is not possible currently in OQL. You'll need to model your data differently to achieve the desired functionality, it's hard too say how without details on your implementation. The other option could be to create a search object that will have the fields you want to search on. Perform the search with a microflow, link the results to the search object and display the results in a nested datagrid in the dataview of the search object to get the result you need.

Hope this helps you in finding a solution.