Is TextareaAutogrow error causing blank page?

Morning everyone, I have upgraded an app to 6.4. When I log in, the login page shows ok, but is then followed by a completely blank screen. I am getting this error in the console of my browser editor: CKEDITOR SCRIPT LOADING. ckeditor.js:3:5 TypeError: mendix.addon is undefined Stack trace: @widgets/TextareaAutogrow/widget/TextareaAutogrow.js:2:18 anonymous@http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?635972559929021357 line 21 > Function:1:8 Firstly, could this error cause the blank page problem? Secondly, can someone interpret the error message for me - is it objecting to the use of all instances of the widget or one in particular? I have 667 uses of the TextareaAutogrow widget in the app so I need to get a better clue as to what to do. Many thanks, David
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I don't think you need the text area autogrow widget any more - a normal text area has the option under properties to autogrow, which makes this widget redundant.


Hi David, I do think you are right and this can indeed cause a blank page. As you are using this widget a lot, anything other than upgrading this widget will be a real pain. I will have a look if I can fix this widget for you and keep you posted.

Update I've ported the widget to Mx6. Please test if the widget still works as expected for your use case(s). You can find the widget here:

In case you encounter any issues, post them here:

Hopefully this enables you to focus on the rest of your conversion first, and update your project with more suitable widgets from there.