Remove sorting option for part of the columns in a datagrid

Hi! I have a datagrid with multiple columns. because part of the columns are filled with attributes of a self-reference the sorting option in the column header does not perform right see my previous question here. therefore I want to remove the option to sort these columns from the column header but keep the option for some other columns. Does anyone know if 1. it is possible to remove the sorting option from column header? 2. is it possible to remove this for only part of the columns?
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Hi Maartje,

Unfortunately with the out of the box solution that is not possible. As a work-around, you could set the retrieve action to Microflow. Then you won't be able to sort the columns anymore. You still can sort the data in the microflow retrieve though...


You could try to override the function on the column header using the html/javascript widget with a function that does nothing on the click of the header. For some pointers see this question on stackoverflow (nothing to do with Mendix, pure javascript question)