Unique validation rule on attribute of subentity

I have 2 subentities which inherit from the same superentity. The superentity contains an attribute text. I want the text to be unique for each subentity. However when I add a "unique" validation rule for the text attribute on the subentity it still checks uniqueness on the superentity. Result is that I cannot define an instance of subentity A with the same text as an instance of subentity B. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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If you add a validation rule for an attribute on the super entity it is applied to all instances of that attribute, hence for all subentities. If you want to apply a validation rule on subentity level only, you should have an attribute in that entity.

If you stored the validation rule in the subentity it can be quite confusing though. Please file an incident, I will see if we can make this a bit more clear.