Cannot start in production or acceptance mode with security disabled

Hi Guys, I'm trying to set up a test server using Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008, .NET 3.5, but I get the following error meesage when trying to run the Service Console: "Cannot start in production or acceptance mode with security disabled" The test project I'm trying to use for this test is completely empty, just said 'New project' and jumped straight to the security settings, set the admin password and switched to production mode. Check security is set to yes and the Modeller gives me the green light in terms of security. I found a similar topic in the Forum but apparently it did not get resolved. Any help is much appreciated. TIA Marius
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Are you sure you're running the same project on your local machine as on the 2008 server? If you configure all security settings you should be able to run in production without problem.

Second question I have is: what security level are you running at now?

There are three levels:

  • Off: will let you run in development and test
  • Prototype/demo: will let you also run in development and test
  • Production: will let you run in all modes

Yes it's the same project - the only project so far on this machine. Didn't really have to configure security since the project is literally empty, so that should be fine as well. The modeller agrees, it's giving me the green dot in the security settings page


D'oh. I did already import another project from my laptop. And copied that project's folders. D'oh. Thanks for making me double-check :)