Country Enumeration V2.0

I needed the Country enumeration, but noticed that some info is missing in the app store. Under the Documentation/Installation heading the following info is given "See the general instructions under How to Install.". But there is no How to install heading. This is an easy app and I had no problem using it, but the info should be there in the app store. The use of the java call StringToCountry for instance could be troublesome for novice users.
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The 'how to install' is in the left under 'quick links' at


I think the help file for this module should be expanded with this information:

This app will create a seperate module in your application. To incorporate this module into another module go to the images and move all the images to another module. Furthermore move the CountryToString flow and the StringToCountry java action to the same module. And do not forget to change the java code and insert the module name in the NEWMODULENAME place (see example) // BEGIN USER CODE

    try {
        return NEWMODULENAME.proxies.Countries.valueOf(this.value).toString();
    catch (Exception e) {
        Core.getLogger(this.toString()).warn("Invalid country: " + this.value);
        return "";