Confirm Microflow issue in listening dataview

I am trying to use the Confirm Microflow Dialog (Context) widget. I have a datagrid and I want to get confirmation from the user before performing a microflow on a selected row. This is problematic. I can place the widget in the datagrid control bar using the special Class name, but this only works for the widget without context (the widget with context can only be placed in a templategrid or a data view). Using the widget without context, I do not know what datagrid row is selected, so that won't work. As a workaround, I added a dataview below the datagrid that listens to the selected row, then placed the widget with context in that dataview. I would think this should work, but it fails to pass the current record in the listening dataview to the microflows triggered. If I place the same control in a normal dataview, it works correctly. So the issue seems to be with the dataview listening to a datagrid. Is this a bug, or is there another workaround for what I am trying to achieve?
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Good timing, I was just working on this widget!

I've reproduced your problem, I'll have a look at it.

It is currently not possible for a widget to receive a datagrid selection, good workaround with the listen dataview.

Edit: Fix is now online in v3.0, do note that it includes some other changes. Most notably you can now add as many buttons as you want. Upgrading will reset your current Confirm/Cancel button settings, so make sure you remember/backup these.