Apache configuration

Hi all, I am configure a web server which our customer prefer an Apache. Our web server is running on and XAS is running on Application server ( With my configuration so far the web server can redirect request from --> But we want that the URL on the address bar of the web browser stay showing How can I do that? Here is my Virtual host configurations: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName <Location /> order allow,deny allow from all RedirectMatch ^/.* </Location> </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName DocumentRoot /mx/rtp/application/web/ ProxyPass /xas ProxyPassReverse /xas # Uncomment if you want to use WSDL/Webservices functionality #ProxyPass /ws http://[::1]:8195/ws #ProxyPassReverse /ws http://[::1]:8195/ws <Location /> order allow,deny allow from all </Location> </VirtualHost> Many thanks, Panayu
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You're redirecting everything from port 80 to, don't you want to redirect it to <myapachehost>:443 instead? That way the *:443 virtualhost will proxy everything, hiding your port number.