Cant login properly into my app when doing UI Test.

I reused the Unit Test module to morph it into a UI test module and so far I'm succeeding. Unit Test creates a system sessions to run microflows like so: IContext mfContext = Core.createSystemContext(); ... Object resultObject = Core.execute(mfContext, mf, emptyArguments); My problem is that when I try to login that the first time after I have set the password for the user that the test runs fine, but that when I restart the app and run the test again I get the error message that either the username or password is incorrect, which isn't true, because when I change the user's password to the password unchanged, it does work. Thus everytime I start up my app, I have to reset the passwords of all users again in order to run the full testsuite. Does anyone know why this is and/or how to fix this problem?
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