How to use deploy API?

Can any one guide me about how to use deploy API in mendix. Can i use it which is only deployed on sandbox?
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You can find the documentation here: That API can be used for all your projects: not-deployed projects (only on teamserver), sandboxes-projects and projects on licenced nodes.

Edit 3 May:

  • Create a personal API key as described here.
  • To integrate the Deploy API in your Mendix project, use the modules Rest Services and Community Commons.
  • An example how to retrieve a list of Mendix projects can be found in this model share.
  • More information on how to use REST webservices in Mendix can be found in this tutorial.

Are “Personal” API keys still a thing? If so can you link me to the information on “PERSONAL” api keys? I can make an APP API key but I’m confused on existing documentation that all says there is a personal one.