Association radiobutton list requires persistable entity

The association radiobutton list widget requires you to select an association to reference where the selected item will be saved. When using a non-persistable entity the modeler shows an error saying: The entity X cannot be used here, because it's non-persistable. Why is that?
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When developing a custom widget, you have to explicitly allow non-persistable entities to be used. Jelte (the widget developer/maintainer) can probably comment further on whether there are any considerations in the widget for using non-persistable entities, but here's how you could change this to try it:

The widget source is on GitHub here.

In the file src/RadioButtonList/AssocRadioButtonList.xml, you should edit the appropriate property of type "entity" and add this:


EDIT: I logged an issue on GitHub here


A little late to the party... I have added this fix to version 6.3.1 and is updated in the AppStore