Which IIS Role Services to install?

I'm setting up an IIS server in front of Mendix 2.5 on Windows 2008. Which IIS Role Services are required?
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My reason for posting the forum message was to get this sort of documented (it's missing from the IIS how-to).

To answer my own question... I have found the following list of installed role services to work properly. Mind you, this is for IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008.

* Web Server (Installed)
      o Common HTTP Features (Installed)
            + Static Content (Installed)
            + Default Document (Installed)
            + Directory Browsing (Installed)
            + HTTP Errors (Installed)
            + HTTP Redirection (Installed) 
      o Application Development (Installed)
            + ASP.NET (Installed)
            + .NET Extensibility (Installed)
            + ISAPI Extensions (Installed)
            + ISAPI Filters (Installed)
      o Health and Diagnostics (Installed)
            + HTTP Logging (Installed)
            + Request Monitor (Installed)
      o Security (Installed)
            + Basic Authentication (Installed)
            + Request Filtering (Installed)
      o Performance (Installed)
            + Static Content Compression (Installed)
            + Dynamic Content Compression (Installed) 
* Management Tools (Installed)
      o IIS Management Console (Installed)
      o IIS 6 Management Compatibility (Installed)
            + IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility (Installed)
            + IIS 6 Management Console (Installed)