mxui.css file location

Hi all, In my current project, i am able to view the Project .css files in 2 locations, i.e; deployment and theme folders. I have a requirement that needs some css changes in the mxui.css file. I am not able to trace the file from the browser using the DOM tree. As an alternative, I was able to view the mxui.css code and copied it and saved it as mxui.css with my changes and placed it in the themes folder. I deleted the deployment package and complied the project to see my changes. The changes were not applied at all. Can we view the actual mxui.css and make changes to the file?
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I would not recommend altering the standard mxui.css. Instead create a custom.css file and include it in your index.html file in addition to the standard css. In your custom.css you can include any changes to the styling you wish to make, to take precedence over the values in the standard css file.

For example, in mxui.css you have something like this:

.mx-datagrid-head-wrapper {
    padding: 8px;
    position: relative;

You can add the following in your custom.css to supercede this:

.mx-datagrid-head-wrapper {
    padding: 4px 6px;