How to copy attachment (FileDocument) to new record?

I have a need to copy an attachment from one record to another - is this possible? Background - I have a small input form where details are captured for new tickets. Microflows on this form create the correct ticket type record and any linked records from these inputs. I would like to allow the user to upload an attachment to this input form, then create the ticket record and link the new attachment to it. To do this I need to be able to copy from the input form (a specialization of System.FileDocument) to a new record in another form (also a specialization of System.FileDocument) which is then linked to the new ticket being created. Having uploaded the attachment on my input form, I cannot see how to copy that image to another form. I can copy its Name in my microflow, but there is no attribute representing the image object. I also have a similar need when archiving old records - I need to copy notes and attachments from the 'live' to 'archive' tables. Any suggestions?
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