Download file action doesnt seem to function on a particular microflow

Hi has anyone faced an issue where the file document download action didn't work in a particular microflow? i have the same action in other microflows and those seem to work. in the troublesome microflow while debugging, it enters the download file action and passes through it fine with no errors logged in the console, it even makes it to the end event and terminates fine. however no file is downloaded and the progress bar remains on the screen. for more info on the purpose of the troublesome microflow the file i am trying to download is a file that was generated 2 actions earlier using the java action that is used to create an excel export file. any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
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Are you using the System.FileDocument entity? I've run into this issue before and, in my case, it's because I was using the System.FileDocument entity to create the document and so I was trying to download the System.FileDocument. Creating a new entity (i.e. MyModule.ReportToDownload) as a generalization of the System.FileDocument and using this new entity for the report worked in my case.

See this documentation for more information about setting up generalizations in your model.