Open an HTML document

Hi, I want a provision to open an HTML page which contains something like help content or some general contents from an Mendix link button. I want to have an generic html file in my project it self lets assume in the resource folder. I tried to get the resource path from JAVA action and appended the file name. But i m unable to open it. Could any one help me on this? Thanks in advance
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While I believe it's possible that you're misinterpreting your project requirements (the rich text editor can display HTML as Erwin suggested), you can display custom HTML pages without any Java actions. Drop your HTML files into:

<your project>\theme\resources\

and then they will be accessible in your app at:

<your app>/resources/

You can create folders inside the resources folder to organize your content as well. Note that this solution does not apply any security to accessing these files.



Why would you use a file from the resource folder to display help content. I would suggest using an object for this with a string attribute with unlimited length. Add the help text to the object's attribute with a rich text editor from the appstore and create a page that opens from the link that contains a rich text viewer. Doing it this way there is no need for custom java actions and the help page can be modified without re-deploying your app. Another option could be create the help in a pdf file. Upload the pdf and use the document viewer widget to display the document.

Hope this helps in finding an alternate solution.