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Is it possible to navigate to a different tab of the tab container via a microflow for example (attached to button)? By clicking on the button the a new tab will be selected. It would be great if it were possible to set active tab of a tab container. Via a microflow and in the properties settings. This way duplicating forms could be avoided as different microflows could point to different tabs. So once the form is opened it does not always display the default tab. Furthermore if the tab can be changed by attaching a microflow to a button a wizard like functionality can be achieved which avoids creating lots of forms. Feature request submitted.
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I would go one step further, and request the ability to set focus to any attribute or form element through a microflow. That way, for example, if you perform a data validation you can place the user in the correct field before issuing an error message.


That would be a nice feature but I don't think it's possible.


You could try setting conditional visibility on each tab based on an enum and then changing the enum value. Not sure what this will do when you have a tab open and it becomes invisible though.