Opening URL from anywhere

I want to be able to open a url via a button or text (no matter whether its a microflow or a widget like the url redirector) within a table not just a dataview. I want to place a link on a form that currently only displays a datagrid - as soon as I add a dataview I need to create a microflow that passes through an entity to the dataview - not only is this additional work but the navigator will not display the form anymore which means that I have to relocate the navigation item to the navigation menu - but the menu only supports to levels of navigation whereas the navigator supports three. Taking all this into account I see no option how I could place a link on the form nice and convinient for the user to click and use it efficiently. Update to response As pointed out I can either use Html snippet or the inbuilt external link widget (which does not have to be placed inside a dataview or template grid if url is supposed to be static)
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You can use the HTML Snippet and put an anchor inside it:

<a href="" target="_blank">click!</a>