XPath query function count

Hi all, I am trying to do the following. There are two tables: OrderHead and OrderLine with an 1 to many relationship: one orderhead can have many orderline. An orderLine can have an orderType. I have template grid with Orderlines. The orderlines shall meet two citeria 1) OrderLine shall be equal to a specific orderType 2) Display only orderLines, that do not have "siblings". In other words: OrderHead of selected orderLine shall have only one orderLine associated. My approach is to select XPath as datasource with the following constraints 1. [orderLine.orderType = 'type1'] 2. count(ModuleA.orderLine[ModuleA.orderLine_orderHead/ModuleA.orderHead/ModuleA.orderLine_orderHead/ModuleA.orderLine = 1]) Works fine I get the error "missing EOF at 'count'. I have also tried: count(//ModuleA.orderLine[ModuleA.orderLineorderHead/ModuleA.orderHead/ModuleA.orderLineorderHead/ModuleA.orderLine = 1]) Any suggestions? Would be great! Edit: I cannot use a microflow to retrieve the dataset, because I need to search function of the template grid
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Have a look at https://forum.mendix.com/questions/2367/XPATH-count-constraint . Pretty sure you cannot do this, and this thread also tells you how you would work around this