The day after the training

Hello, I'm beginner and I start today with the online training. I think to my day after... When I will finish all the courses and I start my personal development, it's sure that I will not remember many thinks. There is an offline documentation like a PDF file with a getting started or similar to help the beginners in the trouble? Thanks for the help and for the very good videos.
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All the material you need should be in the online training. You can always go back and view some videos again when it is not clear. When you are in the modeler and some things are unclear try hitting the F1 key. This should bring up a relevant help page. Very useful!

All other Mendix documentation should be available here:

Good luck and welcome to the community!


Just start building. When you run into something you do not know how to do, check the online documentation or watch a video again. Then if you still have problems potst your question in the forum. Most of the time you get answer real quick.