To show list of URL/link.

Hi friends, I have a scenario in which in database I am having multiple documents. I want to show these documents as a link/ URL in a list view so that it downloads into the local system or to view in the browser. I have tried using file manager, but it didn't worked. Please suggest me the solution. Thanks in advance.
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Build a small microflow that accepts a FileDocument (or an entity inherited from System.FileDocument) as a parameter. This microflow will have one Action that is a DownloadFile action. In the ListView, put an Action Button that calls the microflow you just created. Now when someone clicks the Action button, the file will download. If you want the rows in the ListView to be a link instead of a button, select Link in the Action Button configuration window. Also, you can change the Title of the Action button to display the FileDocument Name, if you would like.


Or use the ZIP-module to download a list of files as one zip-file.